winter spring

needs in my life

frozen blooberries
library smells
smaller chest
a beach bod
my skin to decide if it want's to be pale or tan. c'mon.
bangs sans oiliness
familiar hugs
above 60 degree weather



right now i'm watching a marathon of "house" sipping wine (who am i kidding? guzzling) which followed a marathon of sex and the city episodes wondering what i'm going to do tomorrow, next week, month..year.  i've also stared at this computer screen deciding between 3 different color palettes for a design for a friend and editing some photos i took last weekend. red couch. sweat pants. and a bright pink "chicago" shirt given by my dad, so worn in it has gigantic holes big enough to fit my head through.

my life has become predictable. and i wonder, am i okay with that? i think so. maybe i expect a lifestyle of exciting events and spontaneous decisions..but when i lived that for a short four months...i envied the person with a routine.  a steady job, renting dvds, grabbing bagels, and cleaning on the weekend...pretty much my past few weeks. i got a new job. it's been great and now i'm just waiting for everything else to follow suit..not sure what that is exactly yet (or what that means).

this is my saturday.



i love these dye dipped ropes from designer Tanya Aguiniga.  Also, this shopping site is nicely designed, i love the way they set up all their products.

those colors are perfect for a rainy spring.

source: vitrine