and a warm bed, well that's something, but that alone just ain't enough

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i love the simple white button up, tucked in, and paired with a high-waisted bottom. i love furry feathery details. and hair in the face. i had a weekend in austin: dancing, ridiculous wedges, stealing boxes of condoms out of random rooms, being offered a part of the cast of "scooby doo" and driving around in their shag van...sounds shady. might reconsider. mimosas and brunch. what did you all do? let's hope it's better than that bogus.

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life goes on, long after the thrill of livin is gone.

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just some melloncamp to liven up your week. a nyfw post should come soon, i'm just feeling a little overwhelmed. although there are a few surprises and unpredicted trends that have been happening on the runway, that's exciting. nyfw should be unpredictable. but i think us bloggers, are a little ahead of the game, it's hard to surprise us. ;)

p.s. thank you all for the comments and etc, you all are great, and give me reason to keep posting and being apart of art & fashion every day.


when there is nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire

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happy about fashion week and all of its updates. really sad about the mcqueen news. a serious genius.

spent $125 on a bottle last night (how did that happen. i just think i could have spent that on a new jacket/shoes/or something) grrr.
i guess this is what the kids call reckless. herm?


is it snowing in space?

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i like that more style bloggers have become more personal on their sites. because really, fashion is art, art is inspirational, and my inspiration changes when changes occur in my personal life. it's all connected. let's get personal.

i'm listening to ryan adams. musical and lyrical genius. it's been a lot of velvet underground, noah and the whale, and bon iver lately. can someone suggest something else equally as moody and melodic?


calendar girl

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the celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon. do you think they read our fashion/style blogs? but gennifer goodwin looks absolutely stunning, girl can really clean up nicely.

facing my generation alone


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i am a huge fan of the 90s grunge look (and menswear) that's been going on the past year. i bought 3 oversized men's shirts, bulky sweaters, and some hats this weekend. i just need a pair of rugged boots
(but i have weird thing about buying shoes that make my foot look big. any suggestions??)


i'll be holding all the tickets


to me, style is comfortable. it is easy. it is uncomplicated. it is flattering. it is confident. it is fun. it is an escape. it is "you."

p.s. looking into moving to NY in april. if you know of any opportunities as a graphic designer/blogger/fashion enthusiast/art lover, please please let me know! (leave a comment or e-mail at helensta@gmail.com)

and thank you all for leaving these wonderful comments, i love sharing my ideas/thoughts, and i enjoy browsing through all ya'lls blogs as well (leave a link, i'll check them out) xox