sweet virginia

(source: tumblr & MEamateurphotgrapher.)

sup ya'll. went to virginia and made it back on the chinatown bus in one piece. phew! spent some time on a beach, lurked a museum, and did other various dumb things. about to head to the brooklyn bowl to see "new deal" should be some good ol'e hipster madness.

due to lack of funds and a strict budget i haven't been keeping up with style news. it only depresses me to see all these fun rompers and summer sandals without any hope of a sweet purchase.  i've just come to terms with my new found love for "cheap chic."  it's a delicious medley of grunge and hippie style; toss in some tacky costume jewelry, and a sweaty mane. basically i never launder my clothing and definitely do the "smell check" and neatly re-fold my shirts and shorts back onto my shelf, without thinking twice about it. if passengers start shifting away from me during my daily commute, i'll consider a laundry day. consider.

anygay, i'll see you all on the flip side.


steal my records.

composure. it's what i've been trying to maintain the past couple months. the number and the depth of changes i've been going through seems never-ending. i'm in love with brooklyn. i'm in love with the opportunities and shades of diversity this city continues to offer every single day. but mornings like this, i seek stability and familiarity. and a level of comfort in a routine is something i want to recognize after several weeks of change.  i seek consistency in friends, my job, relationships, the produce aisle, nyc metro, support, emotion, and my community.  i can't wait for that moment when i've left ny, return, and receive that feeling of home. 

here is a list of things i appreciate so far:

- 24 hour everything (bagels, sandwiches, laundry, dance parties)
- physically fit neightbors (seriously, it's hard to be fat in nyc)
- not being questioned (i had the biggest stain on my neon spandex shorts and not one person thought or looked twice...stain has been removed btw)
- $1 book sales (it's like a literary heaven here)
- blogs devoted to brooklyn and being poor (i am not alone!)
- hana foods (the bikini sherman sandwich has saved my life. seriously.)
- the music (enough said. i can't get enough.)
- the art (on the street, on the exposed brick, on the pavement, in homes)
- vegan food (delicious delicious vegan food, i'm not even vegan. or vegetarian.)
- my roommate (she is the best "begin my life in nyc" roommate there ever was)
- my AC unit (you go brenda, keep on truckin.)

here is a list of things i do not appreciate (aside from the obvious):

- empty promises (people can be so disappointing)
-nyc pavement (full of urine, feces, condom wrappers, probably drugs and sexually transmitted disease)
- slow pedestrians (there should be a minimum speed limit on the sidewalks)
- people who talk shit (i will be the first to say that i can be hypocritical, but some people seem to make it their life without even realizing)
- dirty dirty hipsters (please shower...please..)
- our water pressure / shower head (you are an inconsistent slut and i hope one day you can decide if you want to be hot, cold, a trickle, or an actual shower. thanks.)
- pigeons. (i do not believe in animal cruelty, but if a sudden pigeon genocide occurred...i would definitely look the other way..and to the one that perches itself on my AC unit at 4 am every morning, we're fighting.)
- raiding grandma's closet (some girls should recognize that this too can be a form of birth control...just sayin)

but at the end of the day, i'm still happy(ier) than i was 4 months ago. i've made some pretty dumb mistakes, i'm still learning, and i hope guidance will come to me in my moments of crisis and confusion. guh-bye.



on the real.

a visit from norfolk. indulged at economy candy. and by indulged i broke out due to sugar overload. central park-ed it. danced. drank. and now my lymph nodes are swollen and i'm vegging out to a marathon of "that 70s show." good news tho: free dance party and free vodka from 11-12. oh you know.


sorry for the kissy/incoherence in pictures.