steal my records.

composure. it's what i've been trying to maintain the past couple months. the number and the depth of changes i've been going through seems never-ending. i'm in love with brooklyn. i'm in love with the opportunities and shades of diversity this city continues to offer every single day. but mornings like this, i seek stability and familiarity. and a level of comfort in a routine is something i want to recognize after several weeks of change.  i seek consistency in friends, my job, relationships, the produce aisle, nyc metro, support, emotion, and my community.  i can't wait for that moment when i've left ny, return, and receive that feeling of home. 

here is a list of things i appreciate so far:

- 24 hour everything (bagels, sandwiches, laundry, dance parties)
- physically fit neightbors (seriously, it's hard to be fat in nyc)
- not being questioned (i had the biggest stain on my neon spandex shorts and not one person thought or looked twice...stain has been removed btw)
- $1 book sales (it's like a literary heaven here)
- blogs devoted to brooklyn and being poor (i am not alone!)
- hana foods (the bikini sherman sandwich has saved my life. seriously.)
- the music (enough said. i can't get enough.)
- the art (on the street, on the exposed brick, on the pavement, in homes)
- vegan food (delicious delicious vegan food, i'm not even vegan. or vegetarian.)
- my roommate (she is the best "begin my life in nyc" roommate there ever was)
- my AC unit (you go brenda, keep on truckin.)

here is a list of things i do not appreciate (aside from the obvious):

- empty promises (people can be so disappointing)
-nyc pavement (full of urine, feces, condom wrappers, probably drugs and sexually transmitted disease)
- slow pedestrians (there should be a minimum speed limit on the sidewalks)
- people who talk shit (i will be the first to say that i can be hypocritical, but some people seem to make it their life without even realizing)
- dirty dirty hipsters (please shower...please..)
- our water pressure / shower head (you are an inconsistent slut and i hope one day you can decide if you want to be hot, cold, a trickle, or an actual shower. thanks.)
- pigeons. (i do not believe in animal cruelty, but if a sudden pigeon genocide occurred...i would definitely look the other way..and to the one that perches itself on my AC unit at 4 am every morning, we're fighting.)
- raiding grandma's closet (some girls should recognize that this too can be a form of birth control...just sayin)

but at the end of the day, i'm still happy(ier) than i was 4 months ago. i've made some pretty dumb mistakes, i'm still learning, and i hope guidance will come to me in my moments of crisis and confusion. guh-bye.