what i've learned from instagram

1. everyone thinks they look good in the rear view mirror of their car (it must be the light?)
2. anything but starbucks is an unacceptable brand of coffee to be seen drinking
3. a photo of you in your underwear is not considered slutty as long as there is a filter applied to it
4. your make-up-less face looks a lot like your face with make-up on (lucky you.)
5. you have the greatest boyfriend in the world because he is always giving you flowers
6. you must be buying you music legally because you always have album art to go with the screenshot of the music you're listening to
7. my dog is still cuter than your pet
8. you are so wild and crazy by posting a picture of your alcoholic beverage during the day
9. "instagram obligation" - if someone is always "heart-ing" your instagram photo, you feel obligated to "heart" their photos back
10. iphone users feel superior to android users and they show this by always using emojicons
11. #everyoneisacomedianwiththeirhashtags #andifyoucanreadthisthanbravo
12. you all are very good at arranging things to fit into a square
13. fashion bloggers have an unlimited supply of macaroons
14. if it's not on instagram, it didn't happen.

(via eat.sleep.wear)


it's about

flakes of mascara on my pillow
the sun beams hitting the bed post
the street lights shining on the bed post
hot sauce on the corners of your mouth
dust bunnies stuck to the pads of my feet
elbows propped up on the arm rest of the couch
humming to the sounds of bowie through the walls of the room
tapping to the rhythm of otis redding beating through the speakers

(images via pinterest + tumblr)