gift guide for the coffee lovas

Coffee people are smug. Make them more smug with these gifts.

coffee lover and world traveler // cup of java for the optimists!
best single cup of coffee ever // play scrabble and drink at the same time

gift guide for ya pops

He's gonna want these.

stretch insulated north face gloves // nomad travel gift set
 ipod/iphone alarm clock // high-tech water bottle
grooming and shaving kit // bi-fold slim leather wallet


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gift guide for yo momma

Yeah, your mom wants this.

pearl bracelet //garden maker kit // awesome decorating book
deluxe hand cream set // picture of your child's artwork or your artwork, duh
screen-printed berry tea towel // all natural peppermint pumice soap (yum pumice)
and a super soft casmere scarf

also, follow my pinterest for more ideas.


one stop shop gift guide: etsy

so, during the holidays i like to do 80% of my gift shopping online.  and i especially prefer when i can get most of my items from one store or shopping portal.  i will be doing a series of gift guides this holiday season that will showcase a range of items for different family members from one store. i'll try to keep the prices of each item below $100.  i'm starting with etsy because they have so many unique and inexpensive products you can buy for others. 

// triangle necklace // silly calendar // driftwood docking station // cognac leather tote // herbal soaps //

here are some ideas for each type of person:

- calendar
- holder for supplies like pencils, pens, etc
- mouse pad
- iphone/ipad case
- cool paperweight
- coffee mugs

- organic all-natural soaps
- all-natural linens
- cute garden markers
- natural jewelry
- paraben and toxic free cosmetics

- handmade aprons
- pretty coasters
- delicate necklace
- handmade cutting board
- pretty red clutch

- leather travel pouch
- vintage silver travel bar
- leather iphone case and wallet
- gourmet popcorn seasoning set
- manly hand lotion and knuckle wax

- funny spoon
- kitty mousepad coaster set
- custom monogrammed guitar pick
- mini planter for your bike
- polka dotted circle scarf
- funny wine tote
- floral stationary set


christmas decor part one

thanksgiving, check. christmas decorating, check.  we went to michael's and target this past weekend (bad choice) it was incredibly hectic, BUT we did manage to snag some great deals on holiday decorations and crafts for up to 50% off.

at michael's i bought wreath making items, garlands galore, and scented pinecones.  but i thought i would try my own diy with a foam cone and some string and wire straw.  i saw some colorful trees at target, but they were about $20 a pop, so i thought i would try to create my own natural-themed trees.  it's pretty easy, all it involved was some sort of straw coil, glue gun, and tree-shaped foam. 

i also added some bits and pieces of our holiday decor, not quite done yet, so i'll update on our progress in a week or so.


PBB or the Perfect Black Bag

hello. welcome the perfect black bag. and no it's not a celine or a mulberry or a balenciaga.


november outfit for the ones with low bank accounts

i like to spend my free time perusing the online shopping world, pretending to add things to my virtual shopping cart and then sadly realizing that the $300 pair of shoes in my barney's cart won't ever make it to my doorstep. so, i compiled a list of nicely priced items that will add some pizazz (what a gross word) to your closet and allow the banking gods to smile kindly upon you.  


delicate statement

this week has been rough, i think it might be the combination of hurricane weather, stress, work, and my daunting list of "things to do" that keeps popping up on my phone. i thought i would add some sparkle to your mid-week...

catbird bangles // sharktooth rings // of a kind bronze sugar ring // pocket necklace