christmas decor part one

thanksgiving, check. christmas decorating, check.  we went to michael's and target this past weekend (bad choice) it was incredibly hectic, BUT we did manage to snag some great deals on holiday decorations and crafts for up to 50% off.

at michael's i bought wreath making items, garlands galore, and scented pinecones.  but i thought i would try my own diy with a foam cone and some string and wire straw.  i saw some colorful trees at target, but they were about $20 a pop, so i thought i would try to create my own natural-themed trees.  it's pretty easy, all it involved was some sort of straw coil, glue gun, and tree-shaped foam. 

i also added some bits and pieces of our holiday decor, not quite done yet, so i'll update on our progress in a week or so.