winter essentials

Oh hey, it's been a while. Winter is here and within the first week of November, I pretty much hunker down to my usual cold dark depression/hole, and by the time February and March roll around, I crawl out from under my blankets and look like a Gollum's half-sister with jaundice pale skin, dry hair and candy wrappers sticking to my yoga pants. But not this year! I have spent the past several years honing down my favorite products that I can rely on to bring me out of my sad state. 

See below--the God sends:

After reading a ton of reviews, this has been my favorite nighttime moisturizer.
It holds on to moisture and brightens my face. I love you Cerave.

You can find me on a Saturday sitting on the couch with a pile of clementine remains.
I have been known to eat an entire crate in a day.

Dry winter means even drier hair.
This gives you the nice summer shine without the grease.

Grey jeans> Black jeans. It's okay if they fade and they go with everything.
I don't have these specifically, I'm still trying to justify a $150 pair of jeans.

My oxblood loafers. Just like my trusty jeans, these can go with all shades of neutral,
yet can look both dressy or casual.

Invest in some shades of knit sweaters.
Find ones that compliment your skin tone and they will be a life saver
when you're trying to bundle up in the cold winter months.

Hot beverage! I just like the idea of it.