christmas wish list 2010

- light brown leather messenger bag (with a frame shape)..this one is topshop.
- shearling aviator jacket! nasty gal vintage has one for cheap.
- fun pretty jewelry stand this one is $28.
- unique stone/multi-finger rings!
- a pair of neutral slip on loafers (these are steve madden)
- a snood (chunky chunky knits)
- bright pom pom slouch beanie :) (jcrew, but gap and other retailers carry them)
- fuzzy mittens!
- and a belted coat. for cold cold cold nights.
- couldn't find an image, but a neutral watch like this one...crow toddy watch in "bisque."



last night i was thinking about time. i guess most people see time as 
count down, 
a sequence, 
moments that pass by or moments leading up to
something...usually you see it as numbers lit on a watch or the movement of the hour and minute hand signifying that time is in fact
alive..but last night...i thought of time as a rope.

i had this vision of time being fibers in a rope stretching and loosely and tightly intertwining.  a vision of instances in time as a fray in the rope, becoming separated, but always meeting back to the center, 
the core. 
time distracted and time losing focus, twisting and turning, organized and chaotic.


healthy snax.

today's foods are all about "healthy" "organic" "natural" "low fat" "gluten free" etc etc etc, but there is way too much information and way too many choices. and for a girl like me, i crave crave crave french fries, chocolate, icecream, all that deliciousness on the reg, but need a healthy alternative to those treats. it's hard/time consuming to sort through all the articles and recommendations without risking and sacrificing flavor for healthy. so here are a list of my favorite healthy snax (because i am a grazer, so i'm told) and i hardly eat real meals. 

1. pop chips (all natural / gluten free / no preservatives or artificial flavors)
-i am a huge fan of salty crunchy and these chips are the bomb.com.)

2. fruit leather (100% natural, and a serving of fruits!)
- i like berry flavors..
3. veggie chips
4. no pudge brownies (so much chewier. and sometimes i skip the baking part...)

5. kashi granola bars (they have dark chocolate cherry, and pumpkin. yum.)
6. haagen dazs chocolate ice (dairy free! high-five to those 
with IBS/acid reflux)





no revelations in the water; no tears in the booze


No revelations in the water, no tears into the booze
In pains the floor, the worried people shaking the whole house
I take it back. I take it all back.

The regret thats got us sayin,' the hounds upon the tracks
And always in time, I'm never looking over my shoulder
I sing to you. I sing it to you.

Keeping heads above the water and feet into the shoes.



bothersome. this is a new list of things that irk me (all prompted by a recent trip to target):

- (in regards to target) bagging my items at the checkout inappropriately. example: putting all my items into one of those GIANT "i-bought-lotsa-sh*t-and-large-electronics" bags. OR. "no, i do not need to put individual items in separate bags, my hand soap can in fact go in the same bag as my tissues. thanks."

- clothes that don't fit on hangers/slide off. wth is the point of those notches in the hanger if they're not going to stop my sweater from sliding off.

- people who update their status unnecessarily. i realize your life may be great, or you're starting a new workout regimen, awesome let's call it bragbook. btw, i definitely don't need to know that you "took pookie bear out for a walk, about to sit down with a bottle of wine and watch grey's with the girlies" every thursday freakin night. bye. deleted from my facebook life.

- cities who make it extremely difficult to recycle.  i just need one of those blue containers thanks. i don't want to tie my cardboard in twine and tear labels and metal tabs off things.

- parents who let their children see/pick up their filthy disgusting habits. smoking, eating sh*tty food, driving without a seatbelt, etc. thanks for making this country's future that much brighter.

- loud mouth breathers. (really i'm just mad at your friends for not letting you know)

- the service industry that provides everything BUT service. "what, i wanted ketchup with my fries??" shocker.

- birds.

-bad drivers. you do realize that every time you get into your vehicle it becomes a weapon.

- people who feel the need to tell me about their asian friend or some asian person they know...um..cool? i can start listing all the white people i know too. i'm glad we now relate on a more shallow level.

- your inner-group's slang/terminology. no one else gets it, please stop.

- elitist artsy people. sweet vegan meatloaf and homemade ribbon rings you're selling on etsy. p.s. your friend's indie band sucks, and i don't want to go to your art show.

- families who spend money they don't have. if you're $10,000 in debt and you have three kids, maybe you shouldn't be spending weekends at the mall feeding your kids pretzels from auntie anne's. using your credit card isn't like using monopoly money ya'll.

- neighbors who scream and yell at each other at 4 a.m. i guess "police" and "noise violation" mean nothing to you a**holes.

- my entire gastrointestinal function. my body hates me and it punishes me on the reg.



- I moved out of brooklyn and moved to virginia. (couldn't afford...will be back soon)
- I got a job in VA beach.
- We moved into a new apartment (yes!)
- I bought two garment racks...I like to pretend I'm a stylist to mask the fact that I have no dresser and live out of a suitcase.
- I miss my family & texas.
- But I can't possibly leave here.

- tea
- renting from the redbox
- charlies breakfast
- the smell of old books
- listening to records (and how giddy he gets when he gets a new one)
- wearing fall clothes and winter jackets
- sheets that actually fit on mattresses
- sillies
- waking up every morning next to him
- talking late at night
- red wine and walks
- taking pictures
- watching jeopardy and x-files marathons
- waking up at 6 am on a saturday and knowing i can sleep for at least another 3 hours
- black and white movies
- worn in shirts
- sneaking cookies before bed


this is permanence.

virginia 2010 | let's take a ride out and see what we find | chapter 2010


between the wish and the thing the world lies waiting.

my dreams have been in black & white. where did all the color go?




despite all the changes i've been going through, all the decisions,
all the problems, mishaps, and mistakes i've made,
i am incredibly happy.


sweet virginia

(source: tumblr & MEamateurphotgrapher.)

sup ya'll. went to virginia and made it back on the chinatown bus in one piece. phew! spent some time on a beach, lurked a museum, and did other various dumb things. about to head to the brooklyn bowl to see "new deal" should be some good ol'e hipster madness.

due to lack of funds and a strict budget i haven't been keeping up with style news. it only depresses me to see all these fun rompers and summer sandals without any hope of a sweet purchase.  i've just come to terms with my new found love for "cheap chic."  it's a delicious medley of grunge and hippie style; toss in some tacky costume jewelry, and a sweaty mane. basically i never launder my clothing and definitely do the "smell check" and neatly re-fold my shirts and shorts back onto my shelf, without thinking twice about it. if passengers start shifting away from me during my daily commute, i'll consider a laundry day. consider.

anygay, i'll see you all on the flip side.


steal my records.

composure. it's what i've been trying to maintain the past couple months. the number and the depth of changes i've been going through seems never-ending. i'm in love with brooklyn. i'm in love with the opportunities and shades of diversity this city continues to offer every single day. but mornings like this, i seek stability and familiarity. and a level of comfort in a routine is something i want to recognize after several weeks of change.  i seek consistency in friends, my job, relationships, the produce aisle, nyc metro, support, emotion, and my community.  i can't wait for that moment when i've left ny, return, and receive that feeling of home. 

here is a list of things i appreciate so far:

- 24 hour everything (bagels, sandwiches, laundry, dance parties)
- physically fit neightbors (seriously, it's hard to be fat in nyc)
- not being questioned (i had the biggest stain on my neon spandex shorts and not one person thought or looked twice...stain has been removed btw)
- $1 book sales (it's like a literary heaven here)
- blogs devoted to brooklyn and being poor (i am not alone!)
- hana foods (the bikini sherman sandwich has saved my life. seriously.)
- the music (enough said. i can't get enough.)
- the art (on the street, on the exposed brick, on the pavement, in homes)
- vegan food (delicious delicious vegan food, i'm not even vegan. or vegetarian.)
- my roommate (she is the best "begin my life in nyc" roommate there ever was)
- my AC unit (you go brenda, keep on truckin.)

here is a list of things i do not appreciate (aside from the obvious):

- empty promises (people can be so disappointing)
-nyc pavement (full of urine, feces, condom wrappers, probably drugs and sexually transmitted disease)
- slow pedestrians (there should be a minimum speed limit on the sidewalks)
- people who talk shit (i will be the first to say that i can be hypocritical, but some people seem to make it their life without even realizing)
- dirty dirty hipsters (please shower...please..)
- our water pressure / shower head (you are an inconsistent slut and i hope one day you can decide if you want to be hot, cold, a trickle, or an actual shower. thanks.)
- pigeons. (i do not believe in animal cruelty, but if a sudden pigeon genocide occurred...i would definitely look the other way..and to the one that perches itself on my AC unit at 4 am every morning, we're fighting.)
- raiding grandma's closet (some girls should recognize that this too can be a form of birth control...just sayin)

but at the end of the day, i'm still happy(ier) than i was 4 months ago. i've made some pretty dumb mistakes, i'm still learning, and i hope guidance will come to me in my moments of crisis and confusion. guh-bye.



on the real.

a visit from norfolk. indulged at economy candy. and by indulged i broke out due to sugar overload. central park-ed it. danced. drank. and now my lymph nodes are swollen and i'm vegging out to a marathon of "that 70s show." good news tho: free dance party and free vodka from 11-12. oh you know.


sorry for the kissy/incoherence in pictures.


yer so bad.

 (source: tumblr, ffffound)

the rugged american? don't see too much of this look here in brooklyn.
fringe, (p)leather, feathers, sepia tone, and beat up denim.
i'm excited for the weekend for the mere fact of not having any plans.
lame i realize, but no plans equals thriftiness..and this
virtue is becoming more and more appealing every day.
but i think i'm more excited for next weekend.




a compilation of my happenings so far. giant margs at the park. hipster watching. music. city lights. lollipops. bagels. fat kids on bikes. now i just need to post about clothes....hmm...how is everyone else doing?




(no internet, no cable, i can't remember what i used to do without being cyber-ly connected.)
i will be back with hell of an update.
btw the amount of vintage stores is insane. it is taking all of my willpower not to blow all my money on scuffed up boots and satin nighties.