- I moved out of brooklyn and moved to virginia. (couldn't afford...will be back soon)
- I got a job in VA beach.
- We moved into a new apartment (yes!)
- I bought two garment racks...I like to pretend I'm a stylist to mask the fact that I have no dresser and live out of a suitcase.
- I miss my family & texas.
- But I can't possibly leave here.

- tea
- renting from the redbox
- charlies breakfast
- the smell of old books
- listening to records (and how giddy he gets when he gets a new one)
- wearing fall clothes and winter jackets
- sheets that actually fit on mattresses
- sillies
- waking up every morning next to him
- talking late at night
- red wine and walks
- taking pictures
- watching jeopardy and x-files marathons
- waking up at 6 am on a saturday and knowing i can sleep for at least another 3 hours
- black and white movies
- worn in shirts
- sneaking cookies before bed