A is for Amy who fell down the stairs

i love edward gorey. so cleverly morbid.



listen up people. i am stuck in a nasty rut. art i see is no longer inspiring. i watch "moving" movies and they stir slight emotion for about an hour. i read books with deep meaningful messages and i'm only in a depressive coma for about a day (it used to be three). i do not miss a lot of people i should be missing. i keep having the same horrifying dream every night. i don't want to eat chipotle. i'm scared i won't feel excitement for a long time, and all i will feel is nostalgia. i need a few days (weeks?) to unwind my complicated thought processes and reasonings.

a ginormous spider runs across my calf and i can't summon any reaction..

my new least favorite word is "inimitable." the existence of that word is beyond pointless to me.


blame postmodern things i can't relate

oh just some jessica, oxfords, oversized blazers and such. happy wednesday.


grab that piece of gold

let's see...what is the world's latest style obsession...hmm let me think, oh right.

1. studded pockets
2. sheer legging shorts under shorts (preferably cut off jeans)
3. buckled wedges
4. shredded denim ( i mean seriously to shreds.)
5. shredded t-shirts (oversized resembling more of a spider web than shirt)
6. basically shredded anything
7. doc martens
8. pleather skin tight leggings
9. i could list more. i won't.

i love new trends, but they're not new or original if q2389473 people take the same trend and don't inject a little of their own personal style. you're not the only one who saw the latest erin wasson photo...we know you didn't come up with that on your own. don't get me wrong i love studs, rips, neon, etc...but the thing about trends is they are temporary. repetition of the same style becomes almost irritating and boring. hoowwweevverrr, i do love these more permanent "trends"...

1. blazers (all kinds)
2. floral print
3. skirts (tulip, cup, floor-length you name it)
4. leggings / tights
5. vests!
6. denim (shorts / pants)
7. tasteful lace and sheer
8. leotards / short shorts (i give in...)
9. nude/neutral color palette
10. oh and originality

sweet styles.
(source: circanow, 4th&bleeker)



i adore this lady's style at cocorosa; it's very ethereal and relaxed. i would say her color palette is
a little on the grayscale but still, it looks fantastic on her. especially in love with her
embellished tights. combination of clunky with laces and delicate fabrics works well.



sheer burnt orange, my favorite



all images by amy troost, all images look fantastic.



(source: ? random google search?)

i know she's been everywhere and everyone has named her "upcoming style icon
this" and "best style that" but truly...she does have some sick style. hence the post. i had to..



why is she so beautiful? blast.

on her - a.wang. love.

(source: vogue)

unity party and whitney art party

been on a bit of a hiatus due to lack of internet. i apologize if
nothing occurs until next week but i will try and post if i have to on this
dreadfully slow connection where i'm staying.
wish me luck, have a good weekend!