grab that piece of gold

let's see...what is the world's latest style obsession...hmm let me think, oh right.

1. studded pockets
2. sheer legging shorts under shorts (preferably cut off jeans)
3. buckled wedges
4. shredded denim ( i mean seriously to shreds.)
5. shredded t-shirts (oversized resembling more of a spider web than shirt)
6. basically shredded anything
7. doc martens
8. pleather skin tight leggings
9. i could list more. i won't.

i love new trends, but they're not new or original if q2389473 people take the same trend and don't inject a little of their own personal style. you're not the only one who saw the latest erin wasson photo...we know you didn't come up with that on your own. don't get me wrong i love studs, rips, neon, etc...but the thing about trends is they are temporary. repetition of the same style becomes almost irritating and boring. hoowwweevverrr, i do love these more permanent "trends"...

1. blazers (all kinds)
2. floral print
3. skirts (tulip, cup, floor-length you name it)
4. leggings / tights
5. vests!
6. denim (shorts / pants)
7. tasteful lace and sheer
8. leotards / short shorts (i give in...)
9. nude/neutral color palette
10. oh and originality

sweet styles.
(source: circanow, 4th&bleeker)