i love this model off duty natalie style. i want a furry lbd.

this pretty much sums up what i wear to work everyday. blazer, boyf jeans, wingtip flats. whatevs. PhotobucketPhotobucket
rachel bilson.

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- reduce negativity
- produce positivity
- improve my portfolio
- bathe more (..eh)
- stay in touch
- find my lost imaginary pony/dragon
- finish painting this damn series
- bite my tongue
- trust my abilities
- get out of san antonio
- watch those movies i've been saying i will watch
- read those books i've been meaning to read
- judge less
- form a hybrid acdc/simon&garfunkel/janis joplin/beach boys singing troupe.
- not explain myself.

keep on keep on keep on.
slow down and savor.


new years 2009. that's my best girfran, i miss her!


prefall (what???)


BURBERRY. i want that red velvet cake looking coat. now.

i cannot believe it's prefall season already. i am noticing a pattern in most prefall collections.


christmas sun

this is christmas this is 2009

- a warmer sun and a vaster sky
- dusty boots
- cubicles and extra forehead wrinkles
- breakfast burritos (not that great)
- a dislike for eggnog, even with alcohol
- ignoring a corporate dress code
- more love for a tasty red wine
- coffee, tea, coffee, tea
- no mistletoe :(
- pies
- those weekend vacas to my alma mater
- no showers, stocking up on dry shampoo
- i still believe there is a santa
- i still believe in a savior
- road rage (i honk my horn. ari would be so proud)
- scrubbing oil paint off my carpet more than once
- health care is doomed.
- humanity is not doomed.
- using body wash as shampoo
- spilling coffee in my bath-- a coffee bath!
- tearing up every time i see a dead animal in the road (i'm becoming a sentimental freak)
- quoting kidd kraddick and chelsea handler daily
- missing christmas and the holidays with my bestfrans on the east coast
- missing my roommates
- twitter addict
- crushes
- new music: john mayer, blind pilot, anya marina, florence + the machine. rediscovering: kings of convenience, bon iver, imogen heap, yeah yeah yeahs, hall & oates.
- sonic tater tots < dhall tater tots
- bing crosby's christmas
- a grey, black, cream, nude, beige, and white color palette wardrobe
- making lists
- re-evaluating everything
- seth philz coming for new years
- e-mailing! please e-mail, i promise i send lengthy e-mails back
- my love for all things gory and zombie like
- vegan baking
- love, passion, forgiveness, honesty, dignity, tolerance, and again love.

merry christmas everyone



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color palette in my closet now. asap.



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i'm wishing they had a knit onesie.


laundry list: love

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When people say "Love is often times confused with lust," I think they must be novices on the subject of love.  I think love is often times confused with feelings and qualities of excitement, joy, intention, comfort, sadness, need, anger, possibility, understanding, and a million other unexplainable emotions.  I believe all of these can be associated with love, but I think what sets it apart from the real and the artificial are elements of forgiveness, grace, sacrifice, magic, truth, and honesty.  In many ways love is the closest thing we have to divinity on this earth, and it's an incomparable gift we take for granted.  It surrounds my life through my friendships, relationships, food (nature) and in myself.  I love love; I do believe it can conquer all, and I really don't care how naive that may make me sound.  boo yah.




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she is the coolest and prettiest vegetarian ever. it's sad when you see a phone number next to the most goregous lanvin dress price and the words "upon request."