laundry list: love

(source: tumblr, weheartit)

When people say "Love is often times confused with lust," I think they must be novices on the subject of love.  I think love is often times confused with feelings and qualities of excitement, joy, intention, comfort, sadness, need, anger, possibility, understanding, and a million other unexplainable emotions.  I believe all of these can be associated with love, but I think what sets it apart from the real and the artificial are elements of forgiveness, grace, sacrifice, magic, truth, and honesty.  In many ways love is the closest thing we have to divinity on this earth, and it's an incomparable gift we take for granted.  It surrounds my life through my friendships, relationships, food (nature) and in myself.  I love love; I do believe it can conquer all, and I really don't care how naive that may make me sound.  boo yah.