google it?

i thought i would end my week and start my weekend with a post about questions. what do you do when you have a question or you're wondering about something? yeah, that's right, you google it. and no i'm not going to put parenthesis around it because we all do it. (but you can imagine me doing air quotes if you wish)

also, when i look through my google history it's pretty reflective of what's been going on in my life...i'll even provide the answers i found in my search, but don't judge me based on my questions, judge me by what an amazing google-r i am..

- Are sulfates really bad for your hair? Yes and no. Sulfates are apparently used to break down the exterior of your hair follicle so water can penetrate your hair (making it wetter) and produce a lather with your shampoo soap. Some good explanations I found are here and here and my favorite explanation from blacknap.org if only i could relate to all the articles on that site...

- How can I clean my dog without giving it a bath?
Pretty much I'm SOL. And the reason why I googled this was...


black & white fall

below are some of my top picks for fall.  i love the idea of mixing textures and creating balance...and what a better way to do that with than black and white?  voila! a pencil + a sweater...duh.

1. acne wool leather sleeves biker jacket
2. yellow pencil skirt
3. polka dots!
4. chunky booties
5. tassel satchel
6. leather shorts