vday whatever

For the past couple years, I was suckered into the mass opinion that Valentine's Day was for chumps. I totally agreed with the thought that "There shouldn't be just one day to celebrate love; why surrender to the commercialization of a made up holiday?" If you walk into any pharmacy, grocery store or mall between December 26 and February 14th you will set your eyes upon an explosion of pink, red, and so many hearts and cuddly bears it would make any sane person gag.

But then I thought, who cares? If there are people out there celebrating a day with their significant other by buying chocolates in heart shaped boxes and roses wrapped in "I love you" print then so what. Don't send your negative vibe out in to the world just because you don't "believe" in Valentine's Day. If you celebrate love everyday like you claim you do (and you don't need vday to remind you of that) then good for you. But if you're blasting on all your social networks your sad opinion then you're probably not one of the aforementioned peeps.

For me, Valentine's Day is cool.  Last year Adam and I made homemade pizzas and tried to prevent Huxley from dying from a tragic chocolate-eating death. I'm not the biggest fan of the color pink (unless it's neon) and red is alright. I like stuffed animals holding hearts. I used to be a huge stuffed animal fan when I was little, almost in a creepy way. And chocolate is something I take with my daily vitamins. Plus, America makes a whole lot of money from the sudden frenzy of last-minute Valentine gifting. I say it's a win-win. For all ya'll single people out there--hold tight. One of these years you will be given your very own delicious chocolate rose and sentimental card. Until then you can pay tribute to Galentine's Day which is equally as fun (guys, i'm not sure you care so much one way or the other..)

update: i had to add this photo


winter style

i'm heading to nyc in 2 weeks so i thought i would gather some wardrobe inspiration for the colder weather ahead.

- colorful beanies
- basic bottoms
- bright scarves
- all neutral
- fur accessories
- bulky coats over jackets
- mixed prints