bothersome. this is a new list of things that irk me (all prompted by a recent trip to target):

- (in regards to target) bagging my items at the checkout inappropriately. example: putting all my items into one of those GIANT "i-bought-lotsa-sh*t-and-large-electronics" bags. OR. "no, i do not need to put individual items in separate bags, my hand soap can in fact go in the same bag as my tissues. thanks."

- clothes that don't fit on hangers/slide off. wth is the point of those notches in the hanger if they're not going to stop my sweater from sliding off.

- people who update their status unnecessarily. i realize your life may be great, or you're starting a new workout regimen, awesome let's call it bragbook. btw, i definitely don't need to know that you "took pookie bear out for a walk, about to sit down with a bottle of wine and watch grey's with the girlies" every thursday freakin night. bye. deleted from my facebook life.

- cities who make it extremely difficult to recycle.  i just need one of those blue containers thanks. i don't want to tie my cardboard in twine and tear labels and metal tabs off things.

- parents who let their children see/pick up their filthy disgusting habits. smoking, eating sh*tty food, driving without a seatbelt, etc. thanks for making this country's future that much brighter.

- loud mouth breathers. (really i'm just mad at your friends for not letting you know)

- the service industry that provides everything BUT service. "what, i wanted ketchup with my fries??" shocker.

- birds.

-bad drivers. you do realize that every time you get into your vehicle it becomes a weapon.

- people who feel the need to tell me about their asian friend or some asian person they know...um..cool? i can start listing all the white people i know too. i'm glad we now relate on a more shallow level.

- your inner-group's slang/terminology. no one else gets it, please stop.

- elitist artsy people. sweet vegan meatloaf and homemade ribbon rings you're selling on etsy. p.s. your friend's indie band sucks, and i don't want to go to your art show.

- families who spend money they don't have. if you're $10,000 in debt and you have three kids, maybe you shouldn't be spending weekends at the mall feeding your kids pretzels from auntie anne's. using your credit card isn't like using monopoly money ya'll.

- neighbors who scream and yell at each other at 4 a.m. i guess "police" and "noise violation" mean nothing to you a**holes.

- my entire gastrointestinal function. my body hates me and it punishes me on the reg.