sweet virginia

(source: tumblr & MEamateurphotgrapher.)

sup ya'll. went to virginia and made it back on the chinatown bus in one piece. phew! spent some time on a beach, lurked a museum, and did other various dumb things. about to head to the brooklyn bowl to see "new deal" should be some good ol'e hipster madness.

due to lack of funds and a strict budget i haven't been keeping up with style news. it only depresses me to see all these fun rompers and summer sandals without any hope of a sweet purchase.  i've just come to terms with my new found love for "cheap chic."  it's a delicious medley of grunge and hippie style; toss in some tacky costume jewelry, and a sweaty mane. basically i never launder my clothing and definitely do the "smell check" and neatly re-fold my shirts and shorts back onto my shelf, without thinking twice about it. if passengers start shifting away from me during my daily commute, i'll consider a laundry day. consider.

anygay, i'll see you all on the flip side.