healthy snax.

today's foods are all about "healthy" "organic" "natural" "low fat" "gluten free" etc etc etc, but there is way too much information and way too many choices. and for a girl like me, i crave crave crave french fries, chocolate, icecream, all that deliciousness on the reg, but need a healthy alternative to those treats. it's hard/time consuming to sort through all the articles and recommendations without risking and sacrificing flavor for healthy. so here are a list of my favorite healthy snax (because i am a grazer, so i'm told) and i hardly eat real meals. 

1. pop chips (all natural / gluten free / no preservatives or artificial flavors)
-i am a huge fan of salty crunchy and these chips are the bomb.com.)

2. fruit leather (100% natural, and a serving of fruits!)
- i like berry flavors..
3. veggie chips
4. no pudge brownies (so much chewier. and sometimes i skip the baking part...)

5. kashi granola bars (they have dark chocolate cherry, and pumpkin. yum.)
6. haagen dazs chocolate ice (dairy free! high-five to those 
with IBS/acid reflux)