november outfit for the ones with low bank accounts

i like to spend my free time perusing the online shopping world, pretending to add things to my virtual shopping cart and then sadly realizing that the $300 pair of shoes in my barney's cart won't ever make it to my doorstep. so, i compiled a list of nicely priced items that will add some pizazz (what a gross word) to your closet and allow the banking gods to smile kindly upon you.  

hey, this cross print fuzzy sweater runs you about $47 BUT you get free shipping, say what? pair it with these amazing vine skinnies ($68) from need supply (who knew they sold anything under $100 aside from socks) and you've almost got yourself a full uniform.  but wait! add a long sleeve asymmetrical blouse ($32) under the sweater and top it with a cable beanie ($20) AND a pair of pale pink ballet flats ($25) and voila! your cheap-but-totally-cool-outfit-approved. oh wait, you definitely need a set of holy rings ($10).

do you like the double symbolism in this ensemble? praise jesus.