it has just begun.

my jmu years have ended and now it's time to start the next "chapter." i'll miss my friends, my professors, the parties, and the unrealistic blanket that jmu so comfortably wrapped and shielded against me from the real world.

i'll miss eating boca burgers and boiled eggs at dhall, tater tots, homecomings, wearing purple eyeshadow, people understanding the term "smad," the frigid computer labs, sleepless nights in the studio, the smell of turpentine, watching tv and movies on the couch with my roommates while doing nothing, putting off work, the knowledge that you go to the best school in the world and that jmu has a certain way of life like no other school, football games, urec, the anticipation of any break (winter break, spring break, fall break...summer...), doing pregames with cheap beer and wine, running from cadets, flip cup, making birthday cakes and funfetti cupcakes for friendz, boyz, going to jays, blue hole, even the sketchy walmart, block parties, laughing at all the inside jokes and memories, watching scary movies with kevin, waking up every saturday and sunday with the worst headache but knowing delicious bagels and eggs await you, dancing until 2 am freshman and sophomore year, dancing until 12 am junior and senior year because...it's just exhausting...how did we do that..., being a smad student, shopping at target, walking past the quad, living in a dorm, the city of harrisonburg, baking for every occasion, the drunk bus, the feeling you get when you drive up 81 and see a glimpse of jmu and you know you're home, and most of all just hanging out with my friends.

but now i'm ready for whatever comes next.