week DOS


She's seems like a snooty prissy pants in "The City," but girl's got style, and I think she's wearing the new topshop embellished blazer, I knew someone would snag it and display it on the blogosphere soon enough.  Oh and who else is excited about the new line from Stolen Girlfriend's Club?? I know Rumi from FashionToast already posted on her blog, but seriously, thick knits, wools, and tassles. Love.

I just finished my second week of work at my new job! yay!  As an update, I recently accepted a position as Marketing Coordinator at a company in San Antonio, TX.  It is a tad far from where I originally wanted to work, but hey, I'll take what I can get.  My commute is pretty horrible, so hopefully, I'll find an apartment closer to my job. 

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