it's hot ya'll

so after living three of the hottest summers consecutively, san antonio -- brooklyn -- norfolk, i say, hands down, norfolk is the worst when it comes to hair. 

so. i have THREE (just three things, crazy! i know!) that will help. 

1) this shit. it's amazing. and it runs you about $4 at a drugstore. it's light-weight and is the "defense against the dark arts" worthy when it comes to frizz-poofy-humidified-hair-dark-arts. tresemme smooth shine spray. (someone once told me i had commercial shiny hair, i attribute it to this bottled liquid gem.)

2) this bad boy right here. most amazing hair dyer in the world. And I swear it is worth your investment. It will weather-proof your hair for summers and winters to come. it has like 5,323,491 different settings. humidity and dryness beware. they also carry an assortment of crazy hair fighting products--check it here.
3) hair pick. i know. "but helen, you have such tangle-free asian hair!" yeah, well i haven't "brushed" my hair since 5th grade.  i get out of the shower and i comb out my long-ass mane. (p.s. thanks britt for giving me your extra one..i still have it..it's been 6 years!)

so there you have it. my hair secrets. you're welcome ya'll.