and this will be a sign

i love christmas. everything about it. i love the songs. i love the laughter. i love the food. i love the celebration. and usually i've always looked forward to the giving and receiving of presents.  i mean, come on, who doesn't? i make mental lists in my head at least a month before of what i want (ahem...post below..) and what i plan on getting friends/family. and once the 26th hits, it's all over.  food is put away, stockings taken down, and gift wrapping tossed in the trash.  but tonight, i was reminded that in no way is christmas over.  christmas has just begun on the eve of the 24th.  as cliche as all those reminders of "what christmas is really about" make you wince with guilt, and "how commercialized holidays have become" makes you roll your eyes, you know it's true.  the night before christmas i like to think about all the true gifts i have received over the year--the gifts of generosity, forgiveness, health, friendship, warmth, and love---all which were given to me through the sacrifice of jesus christ. it makes me so so happy to know that this is why i'm celebrating christmas.

i hope all of you get what you want this year. i know i've received more than i need.  but i know i am loved and undeserving of this love. i wish you all the happiest christmas days ahead!

2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.

santa dog doesn't want anything to do with me