twenty five and counting

hi. i'm twenty-five and a day old today. not sure what this signifies, but i'll try to break it down as i eat my overly acidic fruit-in-a-cup.  as i get older, there are moments when i definitely feel wiser, more reasonable, and even more attractive, but then life slaps me across the face and makes me feel like i'm 10 years old again.

this is what being twenty-five means to me:

- when you get a physical and you receive negative feedback from the doctor; i guess eating all those icecream sandwiches are detrimental to my health. do those cheerios actually lower your cholesterol like they say they do in the commercials??

- that wrinkle of my face IS NOT GOING AWAY. wtf.

- yet i still get carded...everywhere

- people are talking to me about their children like i should relate...please stop. i don't.

- you switch your guilty pleasure reading from cosmo to reader's digest or shape...cosmo scares me now.

- who the fuck is One Direction and Victoria Justice (i had to google those names btw...my search terms were "new popular singers disney boy band"--that makes me feel old)

- the contestants on american idol didn't know who billy joel was or which ones were his songs AND apparently people didn't realize that titanic actually happened. OMG.

- you spend the first 18 years of your life trying to be everything your parents are not, and the universe CANNOT stop it from happening. when you're 25, you realize how much you look, act, and behave like your makers. i mean, they molded and formed you into the pole-bearer-clone-of-their-life...it's kind of creepy if you think about it. get out of my head mom.

- two words: cyber bullying (that's an "issue.")

- i love and appreciate my family more and more as i get older.

- i realize and understand the importance of God and religion in my life, how much it can help me to be a better person, and how it shapes my decisions. i'm still in awe with what it means to have something bigger, greater and infinite beyond your comprehension molding your life, and i still have years to understand it.

- i have less friends.

- i wish i was older. weird i know, but 25 is that awkward age where you're still too young to be respected in the workplace, but too old to go back to homecoming and relate to the keg stands and dramatics of a social life and school work.  half of your friends are married with kids on the way, and the other half are still living at home with their parents.

- 11 PM is borderline past my bed time.

- you have a good understanding of what you want in a partner, and you've, at least, made enough bad mistakes to know what you don't want.

- but you're still unsure of what you want in life. (dun dun DUN...do you ever know?)

- you're still young enough that it's okay to be excited about the hunger games! right??!!?!

- forever 21 is getting a little "limited too" for me...it's not okay when i start seeing a 12 year old wearing the exact same romper as me in the line to the movies. not. okay.

- this should be the age where you stop taking photos of yourself in mirrors in your bikini/skanky outfit people. and maybe you should have stopped 5 years ago. the guys that are validating your behavior by leaving comments on those pictures are NOT the kind of people you want to attract. trust me.

- when you get older, the quality of music seems to get worse. i'm sure there's some sort of mathematical correlation to this.

- you've got a saving account.

- even if it means you only have $78 in it..

- 401K?! sure.

- i still had to google it to make sure i knew exactly what that meant..

- i combat my drinking with vitamins. (gummy vitamins) i also have a pill box. shut up.

- i appreciate the value of a good friendship. maybe we've grown apart because we're not in the same chapters in our lives and we may never be as close again, but that doesn't mean i don't miss you.

- the news still puts me to sleep.

- you're still not over that dreadful feeling that you'll never get another 3-month summer break or see a light at the end of the tunnel. and you're still trying to figure out how to look forward to something other than the weekend...is retirement really 40 years away?

- it's time to stop complaining already, by the time your twenty-five it's going to become an inherit of your personality, and no one wants to hang around a whiny whitney all day. we get it, being in your twenties is hard...but if you are healthy and loved, it's not that bad. so zip it.

- you might feel more maternal. and this totally freaks you out so you get a dog. :)

- britney spears has been around for two decades. TWO DECADES.

- i have a permanent home, i bought expensive furniture. but i'm still scared to hang things on walls? commitment issues?

- i may give a lot of chances, but my expectations are lower (that doesn't mean my standards aren't high). friendship means a lot to me and if you've brushed me off or let me down, i've already dismissed you. i'm not 13 years old; if we only talk about hair, make-up and clothes, then you're probably in the acquaintance group in my google + of life. (<--ooOo)

- and as vague as this might sound, if you don't know how to be alone without a boyfriend or new best friend, make your own grown-up decisions, come up with your own likes and dislikes, if you look for validation in all the wrong places (aka social networks, boyfriends, etc) then i can't respect you enough to be a close friend.

- julia roberts looks old. like old old.

- i own at least one thing from ann taylor. (still have my nose ring ya'll!)

- i miss being worry free, weak responsibilities, butterfly crushes, slumber parties, wearing banana clips in my hair, getting my hands sticky from eating popsicles on my front porch, asking my friends if they "want to play," dialing home phones, being excused from the dinner table, my imaginary horses, and reading under my covers with a flashlight.

- but then...i remember how hard it was back then, always unsure of myself, wishing i was prettier, more popular, scared to be who i was, wanting to be accepted...roller coaster of hormones and emotions and not having the freedom to make my own decisions.

- i like twenty-five but i can't wait to be thirty.

i look like dora the explora. denim jacket and backpack.