you were always weird, but I never had to hold you by the edges like I do now.

hi there. it's been awhile, and i have about an hour to kill (it's not 4 pm on a thursday or anything...) so i thought i would share a post on authenticity and being honest. the truth is (ha ha) i'm really bad at being honest and straightforward. i admire those individuals who say what they feel, when they feel them, whether or not it is popular opinion. and it takes a certain amount of bravery to speak up; it doesn't count when you're nodding your head in agreement at the computer. so to take a baby step forward, here are some honest things about me:

- i could never be a vegetarian (and if i wanted to be one, it's because i want to lose weight)
- based on the above statement, i will admit that i am incredibly vain
- i care about your opinion of me
- i easily forgive (my mom says it's because i have a "pure heart," and i think it's because i easily forget)
- i don't know any of the lyrics to any of those dumb bar songs aka anything by journey, billy joel, U2 etc
- i actually had to google "popular songs that people play at bars" because i seriously don't even know the artists who play them
- i use thesaurus.com almost every day so i can sound smarter
- i won't remember your name
- i'm a christian
- i hate my teeth
- i didn't notice or think about race or stereotypes until i moved to norfolk
- people who talk really loud makes me really grumpy (was reminded of this from cupofjo's post)
- i am sensitive to criticism, but i can be mean too
- i'm conservative (politically)
- i get homesick
- certain people's faces annoy me (i don't really understand it, but they just do.)
- i don't like bacon (or mangoes, or doughnuts, or the flavor of butter...actually paula deen and i would not be friends)
- i get sad a lot
- i think i'm funny
- i wear the same socks for 2 days in a row (tmi?)

and i'll end there...xx