the chex mix that was 2010

the bold and the zesty (every so often a bumpy tasteless stick is thrown in there too..)
 analogy fail.

- moving to brooklyn (specifically williamsburg--labeled as the hipster mecca) although i'm tired of this label...
- pursuing  my dream of music and design (I WILL GET THERE ONE DAY I SWEAR IT TO BE TRUE)
- finding routine in my oh-so hectic life
- finding adventure in my routine life
- making new friends!
- inside jokes with my best friend
- driving TEN different cars (not sure if that's an accomplishment, but i say it's zesty)
- pretending to get back into painting (i am pathetic)
- I MET A BOY, MOM! (he calls me "dream come true," but honest to moses, i only date him for his butt and eyes...sshh)
- i can finally call san antonio "home." (for a girl who's moved 14 times in her life...this is the most awesome feeling)
- cooking on the real. (but seriously...the other day i made tenderloin steaks with red onion marmalade)
- READING (heaven.)
- surviving all forms of transportation (dank subways, musty cabs (and dollar cabs), freezing airplanes, and the grimiest buses. ever.)
- having the best roommates (mom, dad, claire, adam...)
- morning weekends at charlie's (coffee + veggie omelet + home fries)..i swear "omelet" was spelled more european than that...whatever google..)
- NOT HAVING CABLE OR INTERNET (a bold move if i say so)
- dreaming about moving back to nyc and finding the most awesome career ever (but then spending money on cheap rings and patterned tights...stepping back and being realistic)
- moving THREE TIMES.

i pat you on the back "2010" because when i look on our times together it fills me with great joy. i'm sad, hopeful, and anxious for 2011. surprise me.