the day-to-days

so. i am trying to train my mind to stop making immediate judgments and jumping to the worst conclusions.  it's been rather difficult. actually, it's been nearly impossible.  my mind sort of goes like this:

(noticing... "what is she wearing?" "that looks horrible." "helen, stop." "has she ever heard of a mirror?" "good for her for not caring..") ...that is a terrible series of thoughts.


(noticing..."what the f*ck, what is wrong with people these days"....fuming....gripping the steering wheel...cursing in my head...)


(noticing..."why is she so pretty and skinny?"..."she must be boring in person"..."oh my god helen, stop this..."..."i'm sure she's an awesome person"..."makes me want to kill myself.."...)

see? a terrible series of thoughts. i wonder if other people do this or am i the only one having this internal struggle with a piss poor mindset and ungrateful thoughts? and how do you just stop it completely before it even enters your mind?

speaking of jealousy and judgement..

the weekend:

spent in bed. all day. watching movies, renting movies, via blockbuster, redbox, ondemand...seriously...it's almost a problem.  here's a list of movies:

- the kids are alright
- family guy: it's a trap
- insomnia
- dinner for schmucks
- sex and the city 2

i know, it's a lot.
adam and i eat all our meals in bed (i think there's a phrase that discourages this, but..uh...who cares).  we talk about what we did that day, what we want to do tomorrow, and what we want to do next year.  we complain, we compliment, we laugh, (sometimes cry), yell, laugh some more, (guffaw), and about 83% of the time we tease and torment each other. i'm excited for a couple things...some will shed light here in a couple weeks...we're also planning on visiting nyc in the middle of february (during fashion week hooray) and then maybe something else.  a couple concerts maybe? jimmy eat world...beach house? i definitely need an event to break up the mundane. 

what are you all planning in the next couple weeks?