GIRL talk BOY talk


(style sightings)

i am too excited for it to be finally warm, i can't wait for neon brights and fun tropical accents. i am loving the brunette's outfit with high-waisted shorts, maybe minus the tights if it's above 75 degrees. her full length featured a flat ankle boot, but i think she could totally top off the outfit with some killer heels.

( wearing: top forever 21, aa leggings, h&m clutch)

i would like to say that girl talk puts on quite a show for such a skinny sweaty individual. he danced (jumped) the entire hour and a half long set and proceeded to slow-motion rip his white v-neck for a period of 40 minutes. it was quite entertaining. unfortunately, a very putrid odor lasted the duration of the concert and made me never want to go to an indoor music venue again. you can tell by my expression of the photo--it was that bad.