hair and makeup inspiration

i'm thinking about getting bangs and keeping my length.
really loving this chic's hair cut. it's one of my favorite blogs, although i can't read it, picture browsing is fun too.(j&j)
i have a serious makeup obsession and a trying-out-new-things obsession. for awhile i did the the heavy top liner with a slight winged corner, but mostly i stick with the raccoon eyes. i know it's ridiculous for on campus. and i swear i have to put on more eye make up than the average person...it comes right off my face in a matter of a seconds. i've always loved the way the olsen twins do their makeup and because of my affinity towards heavy eye makeup mk kills it.

(send me these. thnx.)

rainy days are the bane of my existence (or week)....i hope it's sunny on my birthday (4 days!)